Market Entry Advisory

MeTay provides Market Entry Advisory Services to companies that plan to grow, expand or relocate their business in Turkey. We provide all essential services required to establish a business in a new market and assist clients with a variety of local services including market research and industry analysis. We help clients to find local business partners, suppliers, distributors and sales agents. If you already have an existing product line or a distribution network in Turkey, MeTay can provide independent assessment and advice on your distributor/agent and propose alternatives. We can work with you effectively through each stage of your market entry into Turkey.

Pre-Market Entry

As clients enter new markets or develop new activities in Turkey, we assist them in understanding the context in which they will operate and in planning their development operations.

Services include risk assessments and “know your environment” mappings, screening and mapping out key contacts and targets, as well as decision and influence makers both in the private and public sectors. This can also lead to targeted due diligence in view of joint ventures, partnerships, acquisitions, as well as pre-transaction analysis to define strategic objectives, identify opportunities for growth and devise and implement a development strategy.

MeTay welcomes representation in Turkey for your company saving you travel, time and money.

During Market Entry

We coordinate multiple aspects of market entry, with a focus on delivering results and achieving the client's vision.

Based on sound information gathering and verification, contact is established with a selected number of relevant private and public actors in order to create the best circumstances to foster the client’s relationships. We mediate contacts with expert advisers such as law firms, tax advisers, accountants as well as equipment suppliers, recruitment agencies, etc.

We assist in the negotiation process and the achievement of strategic goals and the allocation of resources to the transaction to ensure timely progress. We also coordinate and participate in drafting the requisite information documentation, in compliance with applicable regulations and market standards.

MeTay takes care of all essential practicalities when relocating or establishing a new business including local administration and bureaucracy.  We recognise that there also exist unknowns ranging from the regulatory environment and competitive pressures. Our Market Entry services also include policy and regulatory assessment, stakeholder engagement, third party advocacy, and advice on corporate positioning and reputation management.

We assist our clients in identifying the most appropriate base for their operations and finding suitable industrial sites and/or offices. We also help our clients to establish direct contacts with relevant regulatory bodies and local authorities.

Advice on company formation, such as setting-up representative offices and subsidiaries, is available from MeTay for international companies wishing to develop opportunities in the Turkish market. The type and structure of an incoming company’s legal presence in Turkey will influence all aspects of its activities. It is therefore essential that particular attention be paid to developing the structure that will best suit the planned business activity to be undertaken in Turkey, prior to setting up a legal entity. Also, in a highly bureaucratic country like Turkey, it is essential to have tax advice throughout the entire decision making process with regard to the corporate structure and the business model.

MeTay is able to offer additional commercial support services to companies setting up in Turkey which wish to hit the ground running, but have yet to build up their local infrastructure.  MeTay can provide support for general and sector specific activities including:

  • Trade Exhibition Support
  • Local Partnership and Representation
  • Trade Mission Organization

Post Market Entry

As projects grow and operations are established, continued support allows clients to identify areas of concern as well as new opportunities, and to focus efforts and resources on the aspects that will sustain long-term growth.

We assist clients in the development of appropriate monitoring tools, tailored to a project and its context, to assess effective progress and key performance indicators.  As projects evolve, we provide progress monitoring services based on continued analysis of political and legal developments with a view to identifying current and foreseen regulatory and environmental changes which can represent an opportunity or an obstacle for the client, and recommending an appropriate course of action.

We are also able to represent our clients, interim or long-term, on the board of their local company as non-executive directors.