Market Entry - Turkey, MeTay Advisory Services & Foreign Trade Ltd

International clients come to MeTay for assistance in preparing for, entering and establishing themselves in Turkey. Our ‘one-stop-shop’ approach is a comprehensive and convenient solution for international companies. We mediate contacts with expert advisers such as law firms, tax advisers, accountants as well as equipment suppliers, recruitment agencies, etc. We arrange all essential services that clients need, from finding local business partners, suppliers and sales agents to recommending where to invest. We also lend support to investment negotiations, including mergers and acquisitions (M&A), joint ventures and direct investments. We draw on expertise from our wide Business Network, both domestically and internationally, to provide our clients with hands-on customised support for the implementation of their investment and business development strategies. We are also able to represent clients, interim or long-term, on the board of their local company as non-executive directors.

Turkish clients choose MeTay to bridge the gap between their own and targeted markets and cultures to enable their success. Our domestic and international experience allows us to offer tailor-made services to Turkish firms focusing on international growth.

If you are interested in doing business, investing in, sourcing, and/or acquiring a local company in Turkey, MeTay is the right address for you.

If you have a product or service that you would like to offer in Turkey, we can help you define your market, build a targeted market development strategy and create a detailed resource plan. In addition, MeTay will support the entire initiative from the very beginning to the end with a dedicated support team.

If you need an effective solution to expand your new or existing business in Turkey, MeTay is the preferred partner of choice. Owing to years of experience and worldwide commercial expertise and know-how of our Business Network, we will provide you with best in class third party distribution and support services alternatives for your business.

Not only do we help you identify alternative distributors/agents within your target market as you would expect from a usual consultancy firm, but we also support you through the whole process of achieving them.


MeTay can also provide support for general and sector specific activities including:

  • Trade Exhibition Support
  • Local Partnership and Representation
  • Trade Mission Organization